The event has ended and this page is kept for historical purposes only

The dates and times are on UTC/GMT–4 (CLICK HERE)

All invited talks were given on Zoom.

Whenever possible, we recorded the talks for later publication on our YouTube channel.

Poster sessions lasted 1 hour each and happened on Discord.


June 19

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Opening remarks, the Gender and Diversity in STEAMM (Part 1) symposium, and poster session #1 (Inclusion and Paleobiodiversity)

9:00 AM

Openning ceremony

Openning remarks and organization notes

9:10 AM

Professor Corrie Moreau, Ph.D.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion: an everyone issue

10:00 AM

Luisa Maria Diele Viegas, P.h.D

Possible paths to a more diverse and inclusive STEAMM

10:30 AM

Hugo Caicedo, Ph.D.

Surfacing anti-Black science and building antiracist teams

11:05 AM

Brigitte Baptiste, Ph.D.

Canceled. A video presentation may be provided later.

11:35 AM

Professor Leticia Oliveira, Ph.D.

The implicit bias and gender inequalities in science

12:00 PM

Poster session #1

First virtual poster session on Discord. Theme: Inclusion + Paleobiodiversity


June 19

2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

2. Paleobiodiversity and evolution

2:00 PM

Adriana Mancuso, Ph.D.

Is there evidence of the link between Triassic climatic and biotic events in western Gondwana?

2:50 PM

Juan Carrillo, Ph.D.

Diversification and dispersal dynamics of mammals during the Great American Biotic Interchange

3:15 PM

Professor Annie Schmaltz Hsiou, Ph.D.

An overview of the tetrapod fauna from the Miocene of the Southwestern Brazilian Amazonia

3:50 PM

Andrea Sanchez Meseguer, Ph.D.

Ancient tropical extinctions contributed to the latitudinal diversity gradient

4:15 PM

Thomas Püschel, Ph.D.

Virtual palaeoprimatology: Assessing ecomorphological questions in extinct anthropoids using the morpho-functional toolkit

4:40 PM

Professor Aline Ghilardi, Ph.D.

How a sick dinosaur revealed the oldest known blood-borne parasitic infection

5:00 PM

Poster session #2



June 20

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

3. The new era of Biogeography